Pivot To Profitability: Evolving Your Buy Now, Pay Later Strategy

Published by Provenir

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) has come a long way since it shook up e-commerce at the height of the pandemic. While it was once the poster child for fintech innovation, the backlash against the point-of-sale loans has set in. BNPL providers can no longer afford to acquire customers at any cost – it’s time to shift strategies and pivot to profitability.

Explore how you can future-proof your BNPL technology and build a sustainable strategy that will outlast coming regulation, keep up with changing markets, and reflect economic conditions – all with unshakeable accuracy. Read the eBook to get started!

Read the eBook to discover:

  • Global BNPL challenges and opportunities
  • What to expect from upcoming regulation
  • How to pivot your strategies to become profitable
  • The future-proof technology you need for sustainable success

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