What Is ChatGPT Doing ... and Why Does It Work?

ChatGPT has burst onto the scene as an AI capable of writing at a convincingly human level. But how does it really work? What's going on inside its "AI mind"? In this eBook titled What is ChatGPT Doing ... and Why Does It Work?, prominent scientist and computation pioneer Stephen Wolfram provides an engaging explanation that draws on his decades-long unique experience at the frontiers of science and technology.

This special edition of the eBook features a foreword by C3 AI's CEO, Thomas Siebel. Siebel cites that "Dr. Wolfram provides a clear, concise explanation of how LLMs came into being, how they work, the class of problems that they address, the large class of problems that they will not address, and the extent to which they are inexplicable."

Discover answers to foundational questions about language and human thought that have fueled AI into this new era. 

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